Archibald Honey

Archibald Honey only sells top grade premium Australian honey. Our honey is produced away from cities and their pollutants. We choose proven old natural methods over using chemicals on our bee’s. We do not feed our bee’s sugar syrups to increase their ‘honey’ production. Instead, we leave enough honey on our bee’s for them to eat between honey flows. We process our honey as little as possible, to keep all the nutrients intact. We only warm the honey until it is liquid then run it through a bag strainer that collects any large particles and most of the beeswax. Our warming process is unique to us, it leaves us with honey that is not damaged or burnt by heat and honey that lasts a decent amount of time in the jar before starting to crystalize. Click here to buy directly from the producer

The Chilli Effect

The Chilli Effect: Where the heat is real, flavoursome and fresh.

Born from a passion of growing chillies, blending deliciously hot sauces from fresh ingredients, and competing for the next level on The Chilli Power Curve comes The Chilli Effect.
Through our commitment to fresh Australian ingredients, we support local super hot chilli growers, fruity farmers, odd bearded bee-keepers and talented chefs all working harmoniously to bring you the gourmet flavors and full powered excitement of The Chilli Effect. Click here to buy directly from the producer