Raw love Chocolate

Made with Raw Love’s vision came from a passion for health and Mother Nature. “Made with Raw Love has some seriously delicious flavours with inventive combinations that satisfy any sweet tooth

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Food Symphony

Food Symphony is inspired by the tastes of customers from across Australia. Sourcing as much local produce as possible, Kylie’s handmade gourmet products range from Port Soaked Figs to dessert and savoury sauces, olives, chillies and preserved fruits. Her second label Luscious Larder expands on the range of fine products.

Using high quality ingredients and without the addition of artificial colours, flavours, emulsifiers or preservatives the result is not only outstanding quality but also an outstanding taste.

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Chilli’s grown on a small farm in the beautiful South Burnett region of South East Queensland
We are a small producer of Chilli Sauces and related chilli products. The chilli’s are grown on our small farm in the beautiful South Burnett region of South East Queensland an area famous for peanuts and navy beans.
We take pride in creating sauces and condiments that reflect the inherent flavours of the chilli variety used. Click here to buy directly from the producer.


Indigiearth is 100% award winning Aboriginal owned and operated, well established in the great wine country of Central West NSW, Mudgee. With a long history of successful business, Indigiearth is a showcase of Australian native products at its best. Defying all trends this small, determined Aboriginal business demonstrated longevity, diversity, survival and success. Click here to buy directly from the producer

Solar Fruits

Solarfruit is a family owned business located in the small West Australian town of Donnybrook which is a little over 2 hours drive south from Perth- Deliciously Real Sun-dried Fruit Snacks with no artificial flavours.Click here to buy variety of solar fruits directly from the producer.

Hosome Gingerbread

Hosome Gingerbread first opened in the early 70s and was located in Mornington. It was then and still is today a family run business. Over the last 40 years we have perfected our wonderful recipe; hand-made and hand-decorated using natural ingredients our great-tasting gingerbread are 97% fat free! Click here to buy directly from producer

Archibald Honey

Archibald Honey only sells top grade premium Australian honey. Our honey is produced away from cities and their pollutants. We choose proven old natural methods over using chemicals on our bee’s. We do not feed our bee’s sugar syrups to increase their ‘honey’ production. Instead, we leave enough honey on our bee’s for them to eat between honey flows. We process our honey as little as possible, to keep all the nutrients intact. We only warm the honey until it is liquid then run it through a bag strainer that collects any large particles and most of the beeswax. Our warming process is unique to us, it leaves us with honey that is not damaged or burnt by heat and honey that lasts a decent amount of time in the jar before starting to crystalize. Click here to buy directly from the producer

The Chilli Effect

The Chilli Effect: Where the heat is real, flavoursome and fresh.

Born from a passion of growing chillies, blending deliciously hot sauces from fresh ingredients, and competing for the next level on The Chilli Power Curve comes The Chilli Effect.
Through our commitment to fresh Australian ingredients, we support local super hot chilli growers, fruity farmers, odd bearded bee-keepers and talented chefs all working harmoniously to bring you the gourmet flavors and full powered excitement of The Chilli Effect. Click here to buy directly from the producer

PomLife Pomegranate

PomLife – Established in 2008, PomLife started with planting young pomegranate trees on its own orchard located in the Goulburn Valley, Victoria. Each tree contributes to PomLife’s commitment to innovate and develop a range of pomegranate products that deliver this amazing fruit and its health (antioxidant) benefits to all Australians and beyond. Click here to buy from the grower.